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    Pier One Sydney Harbour – Hotel Refurbishment

    Set in an area of historical significance in Sydney and floating on the water amongst landmarks such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House, the pier itself, originally a military battery, is today a five-star hotel that pays homage to its early history and archival beginnings. The Pier One foundations are entirely original and unique. It is a hotel like no other.

    Reward Group were awarded the prestige of modernising 160 bathrooms and maintaining harmony with the existing rooms, continuing the existing raw and boutique feel while updating pre-existing bathrooms to ensure both luxury and authenticity.

    “Reward Group [previously Reward Hotel Projects], in partnership with the hotel’s owner, TMG Developments, was given the difficult task of co-ordinating all the necessary elements of the build without distracting hotel operations and remaining inconspicuous. To address this challenge new innovative strategies, devised by Reward Group’s Project Management team, were employed to brilliant success. For example, noisy hydraulic works were removed completely overhauled and replaced with discrete pipework, in some cases, installed from the deck of a boat.

    The design concept was to elevate the hotel to a new level of sophistication while retaining its heritage. This was achieved by contrasting core elements of metals and stone against timber and glass.

    Timber replicas vinyl flooring pave the floor space in dark intimate tones. Extending out of the substrate is a solid steel vanity adorned by an earthy stone top and copper bronze splash back. Floating above-bench customised basins finished in copper bronze the space’s design high-note.  Incorporating the use of an in-wall toilet cistern to maintain the clean and minimalist signature.

    Protruding seamlessly hangs a frameless shower screen which optimises space and creates an uninterrupted and open feel.

    Finally, LED lighting around a generous bevelled edged steel-frame mirror bounces warmth throughout the room and over the decedent chrome fixture and fittings culminating in opulence redefined.

    The inspired transformation of Pier One adds to the revitalisation of the area and contributes to the ever-evolving Sydney cityscape.”

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    Guestroom Bathrooms


    Pier One Sydney Harbour
    Pier One Sydney Harbour
    Pier One Sydney Harbour
    Pier One Sydney Harbour
    Pier One Sydney Harbour
    Pier One Sydney Harbour
    Pier One Sydney Harbour
    Pier One Sydney Harbour
    Pier One Sydney Harbour